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- John Shay, Author -

John Shay is a retired Earth scientist and high tech entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington with his oceanographer wife, Joan. When he's not drawing or writing, he can be found rebuilding their century-old farm house or tending to his beloved fruit trees and raspberries. The birth of his grandson at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired him to write the story of Panda Demick.

- Jenny Zandona, Illustrator -

Jenny Zandona is an illustrator specializing in children's literature, having illustrated multiple books including "Flap Your Wings, Little Robin", written by Andrea Legg. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Jenny finds inspiration in the ever awe-inspiring beauty of nature, where the day-to-day is a phenomenal sensory expedition. She enjoys swimming, sweets, and morning coffees with her husband, dog, and cat; James, Crow, and Tama, in their too-small-for-four-creatures bed. Jenny’s goal to portray lush characters, emotions, and textures keeps her busy as she continues to pour her being into every new illustration.

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