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Panda Demick could do something that no other panda has ever been able to do before. Demick could talk to animals, children, and even itsy-bitsy viruses. Though sad things are happening in the world around him, Demick is a good friend who is willing to do what is necessary to keep all of his friends safe. An uplifting children’s story about listening to friends, and those in need, in order to heal nature and grow healthy and happy together.  


Beautifully illustrated, with an ensemble cast of pandas, elephants, lions, eagles, sparrows, giraffes, camels, whales, toucans, koalas, frogs, sea turtles, hippopotami, bees, ladybugs, ants, sloths, flamingos, cats, dogs, frogs, and loving humans. Panda Demick is a uniquely heartwarming treasure to be handed down and shared with future generations.


Written in loving memory of those lost worldwide to COVID-19.


What Animals Are Saying

Honey Bee: “This is, by far, the sweetest story ever told. Trust me, I make honey for a living.”

— Lawyers, Puns & Honey Magazine

What Children Are Saying

"I love this book. Can we read it again? I really like the part about exploring the mountains."

— Clementine K. (4 years, Vashon Is., WA)

Pleated Fabric

What Grown-Ups Are Saying

"If Kai could talk, he'd tell you that he loves Panda Demick almost as much as he loves his grandpa who wrote Panda Demick."​

— Dana S. (Kai's Mom, Seattle, WA)

"A book to help children understand the pandemic."

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